I See

  • 流派:RAP/HIP HOP嘻哈说唱
  • 语种:韩语
  • 发行时间:2019-01-11
  • 唱片公司:Stone Music Entertainment
  • 类型:Single




이상 (yeesang) – [I See] 기웅이와의 앨범 작업 중 처음으로 완성되었던 노래입니다. 어느 아침에 눈을 감고 보이는 것, 보고 싶은 것들에 대해 썼습니다. 스튜디오 녹음까지 마치고는 결국 그 아침에 가이드 한 데모 버전을 최종 버전으로 쓰게 된 노래입니다. The first song to be finished during this album with Kiwoong (moocean). It’s written about seeing things with eyes closed one morning, and things that I wish to see. Even though we worked through this song to be recorded in the studio, we ended up using the guide demo version from that morning as final output. [Credit] Produced by moocean (@m_o_o_n_s) Composed by yeesang (@satgotyeesang), moocean Lyrics by yeesang Arranged by moocean Drum, Guitar, Bass, Keyboard, Organ by moocean Mixed by Nahzam Sue (@nahzamsue) Mastered by Kevin Peterson at The Mastering Palace, NYC (@kevinpetersonmastering) Cover art by May Kim (@guccimay), Seungwon Kim (@seungsoong2)