Colin Tilney

Colin Tilney

中文名:科林·蒂尔尼 外文名:Colin Tilney 国籍:英国 出生地:英国伦敦 生日:1933年10月31日 职业:大键琴演奏家 简介:科林·蒂尔尼 (1933年10月31日出生)是一个大键琴演奏家 , fortepianist和老师。出生在伦敦 ,蒂尔尼在剑桥大学学习音乐和现代语言,学习大键琴与玛丽·波茨在国王学院,剑桥 ,并成为了学生的古斯塔夫·莱昂哈特 。 在剑桥大学毕业后,他花了数年,在萨德勒的威尔斯剧院的歌剧教练和钢琴伴奏和新的Opera公司后,他把精力集中在教学和早期的键盘乐器表演。 1964年,他是原哥伦比亚浪子的历程记录下的伊戈尔Stravinski方向为大键琴演奏家。 从艺历程:Born in London, Tilney studied music and modern languages at Cambridge University, studied harpsichord with Mary Potts at Kings College, Cambridge, and became a student of Gustav Leonhardt. After graduation at Cambridge he spent several years as an opera coach and piano accompanist at Sadler's Wells Theatre and the New Opera Company, following which he focused his energies on teaching and performing on early keyboard instruments. In 1964 he was the harpsichordist under the direction of Igor Stravinski for the original Columbia recording of The Rake's Progress. In 1979 Tilney moved to Canada and settled in Toronto, where he continued to teach privately and at the Royal Conservatory of Music. He performed with Tafelmusik Baroque Orchestra and the Toronto Consort, as well as touring to Asia, Australia, Europe and Great Britain. In 1985 he formed the chamber ensemble Les Coucous Bénévoles, which regularly commissions new music by Canadian composers. He taught for several seasons at the Dartington Summer Festival in Totnes, England. He has been recorded for radio broadcast by the BBC and CBC, which has issued CDs of his performances. In 2002 Tilney moved to Victoria, British Columbia, where he continues to teach and perform.

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