Free Spirit

  • 流派:NEW AGE新世纪
  • 语种:英语
  • 发行时间:1997-01-01
  • 唱片公司:Mark Pinkus
  • 类型:录音室专辑


HI everyone! New videos are now up of my last concert on YOUUBE. Please check it out!! I wish you all a very happy and healthy summer season. This music is for people of ALL AGES. It's a different journey every time you hear it. Listeners say this music is for "relieving big time stress, massage, quiet contemplation, yoga practise, pure relaxation, a stroll into the welcoming arms of's uplifting, inspiring, romantic, very picturesque, soothing,and healing Here's a little poem I wrote: Each note is a drop of rain, Each note is a ray of sunshine, Each note caresses the stars, And washed away the pain, Then time has lost its name. The photo on the cover of Free Spirit was taken in Brazil. The horse is running wild on the shoreline in the hot orange-toned brazilian sun. The pieces on this recording are highly melodic and moody, ranging from gentle as soft rain to fast flowing like a river. The pieces are made to feel your emotions and deeply let go and relax into your world of imagination and color. Ideal for background music or simply for closing your eyes and letting the sounds of the piano take you away.... FREE SPIRIT HIT #30 ON THE NEW AGE RADIO AIRWAVES TOP 50 CHART IN THE UNITED STATES. Mark was just named Artist of the month for May 2008 on the Canadian Instrumental New Age Satellite Radio. FREE SPIRIT: TOTAL TIME OF CD:(68:54) REVIEW: "Spirits longing to break free will embrace this baker's dozen of positively pleasant pieces composed for grand piano. Pinkus evidences a very delicate touch, especially on "Journey to Trust" and "Un papillon sur ton Epaule" where his fast fingers flit like enchaned moths over the ivories. On "Overture to Peace" and "Nocturne 2,"there is a more suitably sonorous, contemplative mood established by his use of space and dynamic tension. Throughout each of these instrumentals, he uses rising phrasing and the occasional arabesque to accent otherwise tranquil tones, thus giving rise to colorful imagery and deeper emotional shading. Reaching a pinnacle on "The Horse," Pinkus' crafsmanship is simply superb, succinctly capturing the true equine essence of the subject. Highly melodic and deeply thought-provoking, this music is for those who dare to dream." written by PJ Birosik of "ENJOY THE RIDE!" Thank you!