• 流派:POP流行
  • 语种:英语
  • 发行时间:2001-01-01
  • 唱片公司:te! Music/Tomasian Ent!
  • 类型:录音室专辑


Tomas has been working almost non-stop since 1991. Beginning as an actor and choreographer, Tomas traveled the US in touring productions as well as performed Off-Broadway and Off-Off Broadway. In 1996 Tomas began Tomasian Ent! as a vehicle to promote his musical, theatrical and choreographed endeavors. He traveled the US doing shows in clubs, at colleges and for corporations and developed a reputation as a diverse and multi-faceted artist. In 2001, he released getUP!, his first full-length CD. This collection of “socially conscious dance music did very well during the first few months. However, the tour supporting the project was cut short by the events of September 11, 2001. Sadly, Tomas did not continue to tour in promotion of the project and it faded into dance music history. He returned in 2003 with getUP! Again – The Remixes, a follow-up to his 2001 release. The project which included remixes and original versions of songs previously released on getUP!, also featured two new tracks “Good Time” and “The Sound Of The Drums”. In 2005, Tomas began working on another project which he scheduled for release in the summer of 2006. This project (which was then titled, Emotional Sublimation) met the back burner when Tomas became involved in several indie movie projects and a few theatrical productions. The project was pushed back to 2007 and has been renamed, Well…There It Is!!! In the absence of a new release, Tomas decided to release an EP (Rhythm for the Runway) which features the track, “No Interest”, a song he recorded just for fun, two previously released tracks (one from getUP! and one from getUP! Again) and a track from imaginary label mate Vie Sans Les Fleur. Tomas remains in the studio writing and recording while still acting and choreographing. He is preparing to release his new CD, Well…There It Is!!! next year while actively developing other acts through his production company.