Feels like home

  • 流派:BLUES蓝调
  • 语种:英语
  • 发行时间:2002-01-01
  • 唱片公司:CG & The Hammer
  • 类型:录音室专辑


"CG & The Hammer " is a collaboration between two veteran Blues artists : Singer / harmonica player Dov Hammer and Guitarist/singer Sagi (CG) Shorer. When these two American - born Bluesmen first met in Tel Aviv, Israel, in 1999, both had already paid plenty of dues, both as sidemen (sharing stages with such blues greats as Paul deLay, Zora Young, Billy Branch and the late King Earnest Baker, among others) and leading their own bands. The two soon joined forces to create the group now known as "The CG & the Hammer Blues Band". From Bars to festivals to concert halls, CG & The Hammer continue to thrill audiences with a combination of passion, energy and honesty. Their music is never a re-creation of sounds from the past, but rather an updated, vital celebration of the Blues as the soundtrack of real life.Their dynamic stage performance showcases original songs by the band, as well as blues classics from Robert Johnson to B.B. king. While deeply rooted in the Blues styles of Chicago and Texas, the band has never tried to copy a "classic" sound, instead updating and continuing the evolution of the Blues, and giving it their own unique flavor. In their first album "Feels like home" , CG & the Hammer continue this combination of innovation and tradition, presenting 12 new, original compositions, in a variety of Blues styles, all deeply embedded in the tradition, and all personal, fresh and unique. THE CRITICS RAVE! "Blues like this can only be heared in Chicago" - Hilik Gurfinkel , "Ha'ir" "The Joyous and energetic performance of Hammer, Shorer and co. showcase original songs by the band as well as blues classics, from robert Johnson to BB King" - Gidi Aviv, "Ha'aretz" "The playing is excellent, the production superb. The vocal performances are full of pain and emotion. Pay particular attention to the impresive solo that ends "Bad Luck" - Avishai Matia "City Mouse" "Hammer's vocals and Harmonica are consistently inspired...Shorer's guitar solos light up each track....the band wails with the right combination of imagination and reverance for the Blues tradition" - David Brinn, "The Jerusalem Post" " A cool CD that will help you bear the summer heat... GOOD!" - Vicente Zumel, Radio PICA, Barcelona "Dov Hammer is a master harmonica player...very authentic and exciting Blues...rivaling anything you'll find here in Chicago" - Peter Krampert, Author of "The encyclopedia of the Harmonica" www.eharmonica.net "Dov Hammer is an artist be seen and not just heard. Hammer sings and plays a harmonica with total body and soul. His love for the Blues is contagious, and his authentic performance immediately engages his audience in this passion. Seeing and hearing Dov Hammer perform is a moving and highly enjoyable experience " -Yehudit Vinegrad, Manager and Producer of Jacob's Ladder Folk Festival.