Chinese Dance Machine

  • 流派:ELECTRONIC电子音乐
  • 语种:纯音乐
  • 发行时间:2012-08-28
  • 类型:录音室专辑


I hope you enjoy this album as much as I did making it! Over 3 months of work and experimenting (and tons of coffee!) I finally came up with this album. One thing some of you already know about me is that I currently live in China (strange awesome life I know) but I am from Canada. So of course electro, drum'n'bass are huge in Canada so that is what I am mainly into. However I wanted to Mix the Tradtional Chinese music style that has influenced my composing style for many years with my electronic music style. The two styles are hard to combine but at the same time I find they really compliment each other. For those LONG TIME listeners of mine you will probably remember the Chinese Dance Machine series I made in 2007 - 2009. I felt I should include them on this album even though they are old just because they are such a cool part of my music-making-history. Chinese Dance Machine 1 was the first song to ever get me recognition back in 2007 and it really has shaped my music world big time. ENJOY THE ALBUM! Thank you so much everyone!!! released 28 August 2012