Good Girl Gone Bad

  • 流派:POP流行
  • 语种:英语
  • 发行时间:2007-06-05
  • 类型:录音室专辑


Good Girl Gone Bad》的 Reloaded 版本,多了3首 Bonus Track。 近两年在美国人气火暴的性感女歌手Rihanna又要推出个人的第三张专辑《Good Girl Gone Bad》了,一个新人在不到两年的时间就出了3张专辑,这发片速度真是够快的,可见公司对她是多么的好,也是Jay-Z力挺的新人之一啊。 2005 年夏季推出了第一张专辑《Music of the Sun》销量并不那么出色,首周仅以6万9千张的销量名列排行榜的第十位,但是专辑中也产生了热门歌曲《Pon De Replay》,这首雷鬼曲风的《Pon De Replay》让火热的夏季温度达到顶峰,并且在Hot 100单曲榜上曾高居亚军,仅惜败于R&B大天候Mariah Carey的14周冠军单曲《We Belong Together》,这支单曲的成功使年轻的Rihanna在美国一夜之间家喻户晓。 在首张个人专辑《Music of the Sun》发行还不满一年之后,2006年4月25日推出了第二张个人专辑《A Girl Like Me》,发行首周的销量为11万5千张,名列本周Billboard 200专辑榜第五位,比上张专辑提高了五位。取得如此好成绩还要归功于首波主打单曲《SOS》的热销,在当周的Billboard Hot 100,Pop 100以及数字下载单曲榜中成为三冠王,也让她拥有了第一支冠军单曲。第二波打榜单曲《Unfaithful》是一首抒情的慢歌,也在排行榜上取得了很好的成绩,也打入了Billboard Hot 100的前10名中。前段时间与牙买加雷鬼天王Sean Paul合作的《Break It Off》也同样打入了Billboard Hot 100的前10名中,凭借如此多的优越条件和成绩,Rihanna成为2006年Billboard Music的大赢家,在Billboard Music颁奖礼上,Rihanna一口气拿走了四项大奖:年度最佳女艺人;年度最受欢迎100女艺人;年度最佳流行100女艺人;单曲《S。O。S》获得年度最高点击播送舞曲。06年她还在美国校园青春喜剧片《魅力四射》第三集演出。 新专辑《Good Girl Gone Bad》中与Jay-z合作的首波单曲《Umbrella》已经在英美两第打榜,并且单曲《Umbrella》已经在英国单曲榜空降冠军,在美国 Billboard Hot 100中也拿下第一名宝座。 When you've released a pair of albums containing a few monster singles and a considerable amount of unsteady, unassured material, why mess around the third time out? From beginning to end, Good Girl Gone Bad is as pop as pop got in 2007, each one of its 12 songs a potential hit in some territory. Unlike Music of the Sun or A Girl Like Me, neither Caribbean flavorings nor ballad ODs are part of the script, and there isn't an attempt to make something as theatrical as "Unfaithful." There is, however, another '80s hit involved: just as "SOS" appropriated Soft Cell's version of "Tainted Love," "Shut Up and Drive" turns New Order's "Blue Monday" into a sleek, forthcoming proposition, one that is as undeniable and rocking as Sugababes' 2002 U.K. smash "Freak Like Me" (a cover of Adina Howard's 1995 hit that swiped from another '80s single, Gary Numan's "Are Friends Electric?"). "Shut Up and Drive" is part of an all-upbeat opening sequence that carries through five songs. Rihanna knows exactly what she wants and is in total control at all times, even when she's throwing things and proclaiming "I'm a fight a man" amid marching percussion and synthesizers set on "scare" during "Breakin' Dishes." The album's lead song and lead single, "Umbrella," is her best to date, delivering mammoth if spacious drums, a towering backdrop during the chorus, and vocals that are somehow totally convincing without sounding all that impassioned — an ideal spot between trying too hard and boredom, like she might've been on her 20th take, which only adds to the song's charm. The album's second half is relatively varied and a little heavier on acoustic guitar use, but it's not lacking additional standouts. Three consecutive Timbaland productions, including one suited for a black college marching band and another that effectively pulls the romantically codependent heartstrings, enhance the album rather than make it more scattered. [The combination CD/DVD "Reloaded" edition of the album adds three bonus tracks, as well as a documentary and live footage.]