• 流派:CHILDREN'S儿童音乐
  • 语种:英语
  • 发行时间:2005-01-01
  • 唱片公司:Suite a Records
  • 类型:录音室专辑


CJ has an unusual, but often more effective approach to writing songs for children. For over 10 years, He has established himself as a chameleon-like artist who can comfortably jump from genre to genre including Rock, R & B, Disco, and Country. CJ's vocal is engaging, easy to follow, and always in the front of the mix. Additionally, his emphasis is on the music and vocal portion of children's songs, rather than silly, story-like lyrics. With this focus, kids are more easily engaged, as they won't listen to lyrics if the music and vocal doesn't grab them. Adults will find CJ recordings stimulating too! Whether they're dropping the kids off at school, or driving cross-country, CJ's genre-bending songs and infectiously playful approach to music will steal the hearts of little ones and big kids (adults) everywhere. "FUNdamentals" is a wonderful collection of traditional and original songs for children.  CJ's playful, genre-hopping style makes all 16 of these tracks a treat for the whole family.  "Hey-O" is the perfect opening track, with its optimistically sunny, "It's gonna be a good morning!" attitude.  "Mr. Sun", a traditional children's song, is like "Weezer meets The Beach Boys", and will likely become the family favorite.  "5 Green And Speckled Frogs" is another traditional song, with very original elements and a huge helping of Bee Gees flair!  "Yellow Taxi" is an up-tempo, banjo-driven, movement song, allowing kids to "listen and do" as they imagine many kid-friendly modes of transportation.  "Down By The Bay" is an easy-to-follow Reggae song.  "Eency Weency Spider" is a familiar favorite with a Funk feel.  "Comin' Around The Mountain" is a classroom staple, complete with the country jamboree and "chaining song" elements.  "You Gotta Do", is a self-esteem building, "feel good' track that encourages kids to be comfortable with who they are.  CJ's "5 Little Monkeys" is a funky, R & B version that is so catchy for kids and adults, everyone will find themselves sassing along with the "Doctor" and his irritated comments.  "Wheels On The Bus" is an old favorite done with a modern, acoustic guitar driven style.  CJ resurrected the folk dance favorite, "Farmer In The Dell", and spun it with a speedy mandolin, "Doo-Wop" feel.  "On Top Of Spaghetti" is a kid-friendly 50's Rock-n-Roll take on, "On Top Of Old Smokey", performed with Fats Domino style piano, sax, and guitar.  "5 Little Ducks" is a groove-heavy, tragic tale about "Mama Duck" losing track of her baby ducks as they wonder off to play...though it ends happily.  "The More We Get Together" is a uniting sing-song track that sounds like it could have been produced by Paul Simon and Bobby McFerrin.  The ambient, spaced out, "Aikendrum" is a slow, electronic song about a "Man who lived in the moon".  Finally, the recording ends on a positive note with the uplifting and inspirational, "This Little Light Of Mine".  "FUNdamentals" is as entertaining as it is engaging, and is sure to become a modern children's classic.