Sweet Boy (feat. Erick Nathan)

  • 流派:POP流行
  • 语种:英语
  • 发行时间:2014-11-11
  • 唱片公司:Enu Records
  • 类型:Single




Amanda Hale is a singer/songwriter & performer based out of Atlanta, GA. She released her first self-titled EP in 2010, followed by her single "Phantasmagoria" in October 2013. While Amanda has been known for her upbeat pop/rock material, the past few years have stretched the musical and lyrical conceptuality of her artistry. She released and performed "Sweet Boy" for the first time in front of a live audience in LA opening for Aaron Carter in July 2014. "Sweet Boy" marks the first release of Amanda Hale's under Atlanta-based indie record label ENU Records, pioneered by Erick Nathan.