• 流派:NEW AGE新世纪
  • 语种:英语
  • 发行时间:2004-01-01
  • 唱片公司:EMS
  • 类型:EP


"OmSalaam" meaning "Divine Peace" is a mystical peaceful experience truly expressing "Let there be Peace".."Universal Peace" like the harmony that's created within the musical notes of my Keyboard........... "ENOO" blends Smooth Jazz & East India Rhythms/Instrumental sounds in a delightfully unique manner creating a brand new genre."Blend Jazz". A musician from the Asian sub-continent & now being a Citizen of the USA, making this "Great Nation" his home for over 25 years, he has taken a keen interest towards blending Jazz & East Indian Music. Enoo's Popular Quote......."My Music resonates at the horizon of the Mainstream". "OmSalaam" means "Divine Peace" (Om is Divine in Sanskrit & Salaam means Peace in Arabic) OmSalaam portrays Enoo's vision of a peaceful Universe where harmony, love & peace are synchronizingly shared between all. regardless of color, number, sound or the twelve notes on his musical keyboard. OmSalaam composed (chromatically) represents Enoo's desire of how that if we altogether try really hard we can achieve results in Peace & hence there will be no War to cease. Three tracks namely "OmSalaam" instrumental, song with RAP & song are here for your sampling. "Hearing is Believing !!" So Please check out the "mystifying peaceful experience of "OmSalaam"