Lignes de fuite

  • 流派:JAZZ爵士
  • 语种:英语
  • 发行时间:2021-04-15
  • 唱片公司:Atypeek Diffusion / Circum-Disc
  • 类型:EP


"Ligne de Fuite" gives Ivann Cruz the opportunity to present his personal approach to the guitar through four improvised pieces in dialogue with voice or percussion, and a solo acoustic miniature. A timbre and space research which is expressed in superpositions of textures, movements of sound planes and some harmonic vestiges, all arranged in plural formal architectures. He develops on the electric guitar a technique where the feet manipulating a device of effects pedals become inseparable from the hands and allow him to act in real time on the sound material. His taste for speech also leads him to play sometimes with an enhanced guitar device allowing to control and transform recorded voices in real time from the instrumental gesture. Rather than focus on a monochrome posture, it is indeed a journey in contrasting states and situations that he proposes here: muddy trails, vocal haze, sonic voids, woody reminiscences or diodes in boiling. Singularity of his research consists in questioning the processes which are activated between, on the one hand, a sonorous world composed in the moment and, on the other hand, the instrumental gesture and the constraints of the environment in which it unfolds. Ivann Cruz studied classical guitar and specializes in Jazz and improvise music. He puts a lot of efforts into doing performance, composition and experimentation in solo or through ensembles as electric as numerous : La Pieuvre, Electric Cue, Ventilo, Duo Cruz/Lenglet, One DPI, Feldspath, L’OGR, Arsis, Trio Ternoy/Cruz/Orins. During his training and his activity as a guitar player he meets: Ars Nova Ensemble, Olivier Benoit, Jean-Francois Canape, Mederic Colignon, Laurent Cugny, Philippe Deschepper, Dgiz, Marc Ducret, Guy Gilbert, Michel Godart, Jean-Luc Hervé, Didier Levallet, Thierry Madiot, Ricardo Mandolini, Gérard Marais, Jean Marc Montera, Edward Perraud, Yves Torchinsky, Fred Van Hove... At the Theatre he works with Interlude T/O, Cendres la Rouge, Thierry Roisin and Bandine Savetier. His works of creation is characterized by a research on the confrontation between the improvised gesture and the interchangeability of music writing.