Tunnel Visions

  • 流派:ROCK摇滚
  • 语种:英语
  • 发行时间:2016-05-12
  • 唱片公司:Jane's Party
  • 类型:录音室专辑


Jane’s Party is a four piece ensemble that merge the aesthetic of Toronto, Canada’s burgeoning indie-rock scene with a powerful Brit-pop punch. The band has served as hometown openers on bills supporting the Manic Street Preachers, Tom Odell, and the Maccabees. The band’s latest record Tunnel Visions features 10 freshly-minted and ridiculously catchy tracks, including the runaway hit 'Coming On Strong'. "Jane’s Party are the diamond in the rough you’ve been looking for. Their third LP, Tunnel Visions brings the world a taste of a simpler time, when stadiums were sold out by a group of guys and their guitars, and music was listened to on vinyl back to front. [Jane's Party] have a rare gift of making music that is not only easy to listen to, but also easy to love." - Shannon Ruzgys (Atwood Magazine) "There's an irresistible little pop nugget making waves on CBC 2 called "Coming On Strong" by Toronto quartet Jane's Party. It's the lead single off the band's oh-so-smooth new album 'Tunnel Visions.'" -Graham Rockingham (Hamilton Spectator) “the four-piece ensemble has the same charisma, personality and promise that […] can be compared to some of the best bands of all time, e.g., The Beatles, The Kinks, The Band.” -Natalia Buia (Sticky Magazine) " In my world, bands rarely surpass four members. A bass, guitar, piano, and drums are the only essentials needed to get people out of their seats and dancing like idiots. Special effects don’t attract fans, catchy hooks do, and lead singers are always accompanied by rich harmonies and backing vocals. Is this too much to ask of today’s musical talent? Maybe so, but at least there’s one group out there meeting my specifications; Toronto indie-rockers Jane’s Party." -Adam Lalama (Noisey) "Jane's Party are capable of Arkells-esque smash hits like rousing road tune San Francisco, and even truly refreshing takes on yesteryear pop like closer Time Remembered, which peppers post-Beatles John Lennon piano balladry with fluttering synth psychedelia." -Matt Williams (Now Magazine) "(Jane's Party's) bouncy beats, strong melodies and tight harmonies harken back to everyone from The Beatles and Beach Boys to Squeeze." - Darryl Sterdan (Toronto Sun)