The Secret of the Sea

  • 流派:POP流行
  • 语种:纯音乐
  • 发行时间:2014-04-21
  • 类型:录音室专辑


Bruno Bavota专辑介绍:The stunning third album from the popular Italian Pianist Music had always been a faithful companion, following his daily emotions. But one day he decided to reach out to his brother’s left-handed guitar, left unused for years on the sidelines. From that moment Music decided to save his life, covering him with a huge, warm hug, from which constantly comes out the echo of the deepest emotions of his soul. Few years later he discovered piano, whose strings naturally replaced those of his heart, spreading his love song across the world. The Secret Of The Sea is the artist’s most accomplished album to date and a fitting addition to the Psychonavigation catalogue. Sit back turn the lights down and allow these eleven carefully sculpted pieces calm your inner self. Stream Soundclips here : : Reviews : "Overall this is a really good effort,the album as a whole flows very well, giving us different lovely relaxing classical pieces and is a good album to unwind to. I would recommend it to anyone wanting to listen to some soft relaxing classical music.", Blog "‘The Secret of the Sea’ comes across as a lovely and relaxing album that certainly does manage to achieve what it set out to do. 4 / 5", CD Critic "Bruno Bavota is both minimalist and terribly moving, melancholic melodies that leaving too much room to welcome ramblings of the soul.", Blog "The Secret of the Sea', Bruno Bavota, is one of those magical, essential records, you need to keep in mind not to lose sight of one of the most interesting pianists of the last years", Blog "The Secret of the Sea” seems to harmonize with those sentiments as it no doubt represents a great deal of creative sweat on the part of the artist, and I would not be surprised if more than a tear or two were shed in the making of this enchanting album", Blog "Bruno Bavota has really outdone himself: he's returned to the sea to be reborn with a new life. And, chasing his dreams as a stubborn captain and eager to discover new lands, he has allowed and will continue to allow all of us to regenerate with him.", Blog "There are moments during the album when Bavota's music could conceivably be mistaken for something by Amélie soundtrack composer Yann Tiersen, an equally strong melodicist.", "Absolutely delicious" Elnorton, released 24 April 2014