• 流派:R&B/SOUL节奏布鲁斯/灵魂乐
  • 语种:英语
  • 发行时间:2000-07-18
  • 类型:录音室专辑


Leave it to the guys who brought you the 1995 classic "My Love Is the Shhh!" to slap the "don't-want-no-scrubs" and "bills-bills-bills" girls upside the head. On their third album, Sauce, Fuzzy, and Cat Daddy lay down a high-gloss, groove-heavy gang of tracks that show off their talents as some of R&B's most skilled producers (they've helmed hits for Will Smith, Eric Benet, and Brandy). They also give voice to the macho R&B backlash that's been brewing since Erykah Badu said "you better call Tyrone." "B**ch with No Man" is SFP's slickly packaged anti-pigeons tongue-lashing. This slow-burn ballad somehow comes off as an effective powerhouse ghetto hymn even as it smacks of misogyny. But the album's high points--the sincere plea of "Can We Make Love," the noble social commentary on "Things Must Change," and the simply beautiful, aching honesty of "I Apologize" (featuring Eric Benet)--almost make up for all the cattiness, and provide some lasting tracks that will resonate long after SFP's Issues aren't issues anymore.