• 流派:ELECTRONIC电子音乐
  • 语种:德语
  • 发行时间:2020-06-22
  • 唱片公司:Lauter.
  • 类型:EP


HOVR's "Ostsee" drops on Luxemburg's Lauter.records and flows through our ears right into our hearts. A pushing breakbeat, lo-fi chords and gentle vocals recorded on a laptop microphone make us long for the good times. A cancelled weekend trip to the Baltic Sea in 2019 turned into an intense studio session and inner reflection. With a personal touch, HOVR tries to encapsulate his understanding of loving someone: "Every bed needs a pillow, every house needs a window. Every move needs someone to take it." Debuting on Berlin's open air dance floors last year, this song is finally being released to your homes. The Ostsee EP is brought to you with two heavy remixes. Italo Brutalo turns Ostsee into an Italo banger that just waits to hit the dance floor with it's wonderful 80s vibe, while Cologne based David Hasert & Faris Hilton release a minimal-tech-slapper with new melodies and a high energy level. Even though all three tracks originate from the same idea, each artist contributes a completely different vibe - we love it!