River Run

  • 流派:POP流行
  • 语种:英语
  • 发行时间:2015-12-11
  • 唱片公司:Grey Waters Ltd.
  • 类型:Single




Tunes: alternative piece Lyrics: about the ills of the current generation, no one commit to genuine exchanges / interations anymore, it is a story about writer’s need for direct and genuine human contact and a “person to person” exchange. This piece is about someone seeing the trends of modern life and feeling out of touch with these trends. Part of this is about people being out of touch with their physical bodies - they are not really living in the moment but rather are living vicariously through their mobile devices: Desription Lately, no ones speaking Conversation, is so deafening Can you hear it Don't go near it These voices are deceiving Writer also made references to the superficiality of fashion; how we cover ourselves up with trends and commercial products to try and create an identity for ourselves but this attempt to build an identity turns into jealousy and competitiveness: Fashion is play pretend Nobody can be friends You don't see it But you feel it This facade is what we live in In this time and place, people are being influenced by and chained to very rigid pathways of the mechanical city life There is a sense of triumph in acknowledging how the world is today and her conscious decision not to fall for the easy pleasures of modern life. Ultimately, writer is searching for a true and genuine experience and has faith that people will break out of it, making genuine exchanges, i.e. talking to each other real etc. People will soon be free Coz rivers running deep Flow with it Move swiftly Away from this still illusion There is hope for the future and a way of life writer subscribes to – we have to revolutionize the current situation and engage in more genuine interactions. Oh revolution's what we need to face Or stay quiet let our ages race River river run run away Bring the life back into this waste