I Am The Night

  • 语种:英语
  • 发行时间:2012-12-21
  • 类型:录音室专辑


"This is the story of someone who has nothing left to lose, wandering in the hostile neon-soaked dirty streets of a city from the future, armed and dangerous. This is your story. No one really knows what kind of danger you will encounter during this journey into madness. You know youre not alone, but you are ready. You are the night. Now, lights off." - Perturbator credits released 21 December 2012 All tracks written and produced by James "Perturbator" Kent. Vocals on Track 05 by Isabella Goloversic from Memory Ghost Vocals on Track 08 by Greta Link Additional synths on track 07 by Noir Deco, on track 09 by Arcade High, on Bonus Track "Volcanic Machinery" by Dynatron Credit goes to Michaël Brun for the cover design. Original Illustrations by Luis Royo and Hajime Sorayama. Special thanks goes to Lilas Rahm, Alice Lelièvre, Dylan Hyard, Maé Sacleux, Lola Rossi, Slick Moranis, Johan Barbarà, Fabien Pilgrim, Michaël Brun, Jordan Faeghi, Tuukka Rissanen, Isabella Goloversic, Andi Findley, Paul Soey, Greta Link, Sam Hatzaras, Jeppe Hasseriis, Kimi Järvinen, Ryan Boosel, Jonatan Söderström, Jake Freeman, Garth Knight, Søren Brøgger, Jon Dohnson and Adam T Burke for their awesome support and for backing me up through hard times.