Om Namaha Shiva

  • 流派:DANCE舞曲
  • 语种:意大利语
  • 发行时间:2016-09-23
  • 唱片公司:miniMarket
  • 类型:EP


Alfred Azzetto and Face Off set down OM NAMAH SHIVA an expressive journey through a truly inventive and redesigned Indian mood for Alfreds miniMarket Recordings. The beauty of the track is in the simplicity of how both producers have managed to express their individual artistic talents. Alfreds Main Mix has a driving groove and rolls out a killer hook, building patiently to an emotive crescendo straight into groovy Tech-House territory. Its all blended effortlessly with his trademark percussive elements to create an organic and highly original dance floor cut. On the flip side, the Face Off Mix takes us on a much more complex journey, into melodic electronica, a melting pot of stunning light Techno drumming, synth work and arpeggiated melodies which stop in the central section of the track with close to two minutes of a phantasmagoric vocal breakdown capable of taking you straight to a meditative state opening a path between the imaginary and the real Published by Copyright Control For licensing inquiries, please contact