Sounds of Living in the City

  • 流派:CHILDREN'S儿童音乐
  • 语种:英语
  • 发行时间:2009-01-01
  • 唱片公司:Pando Music
  • 类型:录音室专辑


Infants have an amazing capacity to absorb new information, especially through their sense of hearing. This Pando Babies Collection incorporate sounds, harmonies and frequencies in each melody that play musical games to engage your baby’s imagination This music creates a uniquely relaxing environment for infants because: o The instruments used in each composition, like the viola, music box, xylophone and flute, were selected for their calming,, soothing qualities. o Each Composition incorporates special sound effects that help focus the infant’s attention on this music o Special Harmonies and frequencies are embedded in the music to enhance a baby’s listening enjoyment. All this factors together produce a musical environment that is so soothing and relaxing for both infants and parents alike that this technique is now as the Pando Effect™. Pando Music’s Sounds of living is a collection of original an popular songs that will truly nurture the souls of the ones we love most...our children. And the music is so beautiful that the whole family will enjoy it too!