• 流派:ELECTRONIC电子音乐
  • 语种:英语
  • 发行时间:2005-01-01
  • 唱片公司:Radi8
  • 类型:录音室专辑


RADI8 (&The Magnificent 7) New innovative popmusic readymade for tomorrow! History: The band was founded 1983 in Copenhagen as A Taste Of Red, became the multimediamonster Terminator Ted, has reinvented its style as The Magnificent 7, did a turn and was named Radi8. The full story is to long... - but remember, we allways wanted to be innovative and in every way surprising. Thats one reason why Radi8´s liveperformances often extended to mega multiculturel events, rather then ordinary popconcerts. The band has and will allways function as an more or less open forum, that is to inshure that Radi8 allways will be upfront, allways new, allways innovative allways... (That´s one reason for the extendet memberlist.) At this moment Radi8 takes a break and leaves the scene to the incredible vocalist Coralie (with some of us on board). She is allways on the move, recording for several artists and some supreme exciting new material just for you - check the latest news on Radi8´s home. Press Reviews: On the album Secrets 5 we get a big surprise. Out of the ashes of the great multimedia monster Terminator Ted rises the beautifull pop-phoenix Radi8 presenting there first five songs. In one hand very different - very popish with a more straight forward sound - yet still very innovative with many strange ideas and multietnic soundscapes. The best example is I Wonder with its great lyrics and hookline, but also including soundscapes i´ve never heard before... Belief is a alternative hip hop symphony with this everchanging hookline, rap, banjo, sitar, japanese koto... - Is this a harmonic popsong, possible and a hit? - YES!... This where excerpts of two reviews, there are tons more - mostly from Denmark and the rest of Europe. CD lineup & credits: Else Gu : Lead Vocals (Backing Vocals)on track 2 to 5, Coralie : Lead Vocals (Backing Vocals)on track 6+10 to 18, Odienne : Lead Vocals (Backing Vocals)on track 5,10,11&12, Fingers : Lead Vocals (Backing Vocals)on track 8&9, Arendse Gudmand-Hoeyer : Backing Vocals on track 2, Quiregirl : Backing Vocals on track 8&9, Marianne Melskens: Backing Vocals on track 9, Pehr Moeller : Guitar & Fx on track 2 to 5, Rif : Guitars & Fx on track 6 to 18, Bo Hauge Lauresen : Guitar on track 2, Martin Bregnhoi : Percussion (& Fx) on track 2, London : Percussion on track 8&9, CCRyder: Vox & FX + Production on track 8,9 + 12 to 18, Henrik Balling production on track 2 to 5, Peter Molander engeniering on track 1 to 5, Rolli: Bass & FX + Production on all tracks. Additional credits to: Ann Susan on banddesign, Galleri Project for general support, Mega Records, Lene Klit for artwork + photos (just love her!), Helsinki for providing the background ;-), Klaus Hornbaek for some incredible lyrics, Other outstanding contributions & support by: Tina Randa, Lone Skovgaard, Gordon Inc., Lars Bjerre, F.U. Nielsen, Katja Zai, Alexandra Wind, Sune Reitzel, Tine Schlichting, Peter Suvalski, Kom de Bagfra, Matthias Laisbo, Fatman, Jan Laursen, Roskilde Festival, Terminator Ted, Shaman, A Taste Of Red & all of The Magnificent 7. Respect for the music of: Was (Not Was), Cabaret Voltaire, Alive With Worms, wonderful Neneh Cherry + many more and associated acts Gordon Inc. & Motormand, Wonderworld, Cats Cradle, Laid Back & Ace Of Base... PS (private message): Hey you forgotten & ignored souls - I'm so sorry - just kick my senile brain & you are in ;-)