Fog Forest (Remixes)

  • 流派:ELECTRONIC电子音乐
  • 语种:国语
  • 发行时间:2018-06-08
  • 类型:EP


"Fog Forest" remixed by Scott Damn, Funkymo. About FunkyMo FunkyMo is a music project put together by New York-based Taiwanese music producer, sound designer, and interactive multimedia artist Shih-Yun Huang, who has been experimenting with multiple aspects of sound since 2014. Having worked with a multitude of visual artists, Huang’s work can be seen in the film festivals across the nation. In 2016, Huang’s music has helped a group of animators win the Adobe Design Achievement Awards with his piece “Dancing Blue.” While Huang’s talent shines in collaboration with animators, his presence doesn’t stop there. His expertise in electronic music production and Sound Design, Huang played an essential role of sound designer that helped to craft Jerry Li’s debut album “Stay Sober,” which was nominated for The Best Debut Album for Golden Indie Music Awards in Taiwan. With FunkyMo’s first single “Oh Wait I Want You” came out in January 2018, Huang is striving to extend his reach furthermore in all aspects of music production and integrated performing art. About Scott Damn Scott Damn is an American producer, live show programmer, and composer. His music career includes several singles and remixes from Phantogram, Lido, Portugal the Man, and more. He is known for his characteristic groove and cinematic style. He has currently packaged his songs from the past year into a compilation named “Season 1”. He is now in the process of starting his second season of releases at this end of this year.