River Flow(生命之河)

  • 语种:英语
  • 发行时间:2019-03-28
  • 唱片公司:北京唐羽文化有限公司
  • 类型:Single




“我想为大自然写一首歌” 词曲作者,音乐人陈嬛Erika 独立制作全新诗意单曲 《River Flow(生命之河)》 想为大自然写一首歌 更为了人们心中日渐干涸的心灵河水 于是写下一首诗 后来它又变成了一首歌 就是这首《River Flow(生命之河)》 城市的噪音,人心的乌烟 追求,名利,目光,期待 你可知我们的心灵也是一个生态区 那里面也有河,土地,植被,空气 过度追求光彩夺目的东西,就像只有太阳没有雨露的大自然 抑或是过度开发森林建造高楼大厦的土地 河水也会干涸,平衡被打破,生态奄奄一息 心灵之河干涸,这可是你有时候心里的感受? 然而大自然是强大的,可复苏的,我们的心灵也一样 让心灵之河奔流起来,点石成金,化解干涸 来一场心灵的万物复苏 你一定可以找到属于你心灵的那条河流的源头,并复活它! 爱你们 May Hope & Love Be Around You 陈嬛Erika “To write a song for Nature!” Singer Songwriter Erika Chen Newsong Independent Production Poetic Soulful Single 《River Flow(生命之河)》 I hope to write a song for mother nature But also for the gradually dying ecosystem in people’s heart So I wrote down a poem Later it became this song Noises in the city, pollution in people’s heart Fame, pursuit, expectation, fear… Do you know that in our heart there is also an ecosystem? With rivers, soil, plantation, atmosphere… Yet when we concentrate too much on the pursuit of those bright and shiny material things, our ecosystem becomes one with only bright and shiny sunny days, and no rainfalls. Or a land whose forests are overly exploited and filled up with skyscrapers… The rivers dry up, eco-balance destroyed, lives dying away The heart is dehydrated, is that how you sometimes feel too? Yet nature is strong! And its conditions reversible. So are our hearts. Let the river flow, through your mind and soul, turning stone to gold. Bring that brand new lively Spring into your inner self. You can find the wellspring source of the river in your heart, and give it revival! Love you all, May love and hope be around you, Erika Chen