wanna take this downtown?

  • 流派:POP流行
  • 语种:英语
  • 发行时间:2019-11-15
  • 唱片公司:StreetVoice/88rising
  • 类型:EP


生于印尼雅加达,现居洛杉矶。年仅20岁的NIKI和所有Z世代的孩子们一样,成长于信息飞速传播的网络时代。通过网络,她用令人注目的创作才能和在多重风格中游走自如的音乐技巧,创造着更广泛的影响力。在加入擅长在音乐上独辟蹊径的88rising后,这位印尼歌手兼制作人用多首青春抒情单曲,迅速跃入全球音乐听众的视野。2018年通过88rising发行的个人首张R&B 基调EP《Zephyr》更是锦上添花,在海外音乐媒体平台上累计了超过1.14亿万播放量,得到了包括Highsnobiety, Pitchfork, Nylon, Clash在内的音乐、青年文化媒体的高度评价。 2018年,NIKI在演出路上收获了更多的支持和鼓励。夏天,作为嘉宾和流行巨星Halsey一起巡演亚洲多地;秋天,踏上88rising厂牌Head in the Clouds 音乐节、北美巡演和Rich Brian澳洲巡演的征程。不懈的努力使她在年终获得了“Complex 2018最佳音乐新人”的称号。凭借自己写歌、录制、制作、舞台表现等全面的音乐才能,NIKI开启了自己成为流行音乐明星的道路。 2019年5月,NIKI发布了她的全新EP《wanna take this downtown?》。 在过去的一年,NIKI经历了人生起伏,这张EP就像是她的缓释配方,帮助她走出母亲因癌症离世的低谷时期。如同早前发布的先行歌曲《lowkey》,整张EP散发着少女逐渐成熟时,略显腼腆的荷尔蒙气息,这种饱含青春力量的neo-R&B已经成为NIKI的标志性风格。 顶级的音乐制作,为她甜美的人声加了点“料”:《lowkey》由曾为Lil Wayne, XXXTentacion等人担任制作人的Z3N助力;《move!》出自Zedd和Maren Morris热门单曲《The Middle》的制作人Jordan Palmer和创作人Sarah Aarons之手,并由MØ 《Final Song》、Björk 《The Gate》的MV导演Nina McNeely执导拍摄MV。但这张豪华制作阵容的EP,也只是今年NIKI音乐篇章的序曲…… Like many Gen Z kids who grew up on the internet, 20-year-old Jakarta-born, LA-based NIKI's influences are wide-ranging and genre-busting. NIKI has slammed the door on the conventions of teen pop stardom—writing, recording, and producing her music on her own. Her R&B-oriented Zephyr EP (2018) was just the icing on the cake of what was a huge year for the Indonesian R&B singer and producer, who shot into global consciousness after joining the stereotype-smashing 88rising collective, amassing over 114M streams to date across DSPs. Since the release of her breakout EP Zephyr last spring, NIKI has earned critical acclaim from the likes of Highsnobiety, Pitchfork, Nylon, Clash and Complex, among many others. Her remarkable versatility and self-reliant artistry has galvanized fans across the globe. She went on tour this past summer supporting pop superstar Halsey on her Asia tour, followed by the 88rising Head In The Clouds Festival and 88 Degrees and Rising North America Tour this past fall. Recognized as a "one-of-a-kind artist" on the verge of an "inevitable rise", NIKI closed out the year as one of Complex's Best New Artists of 2018. NIKI starts the year strong with another EP due in May, wanna take this downtown? Building off NIKI's triumphs and hardships of the past year, the EP serves as a cathartic reprieve from a period of hardship in her life following the tragic sickness and death of her mother from cancer. The four-track effort is a collection of songs that has provided her solace in the effervescent but powerful neo-R&B that has become her signature. Sumptuously produced, with cutting turns-of-phrase salting her rich, sweet vocal delivery, the project serves precedes a forthcoming full-length offering from NIKI, Moonchild, due later this year. Off the heels of the EP's first single "lowkey", a record as coy and sensuous as it is honest and empowering, NIKI gives us another taste of the EP with the galvanizing, "move!", produced by Jordan Palmer and written by Sarah Aarons, whose credits include "The Middle" by Zedd and Maren Morris. Accompanied by a powerful music video directed by Nina McNeely (credits include: "Climax" by Gasper Noé, "The Gate" by Björk, "Close" by Nick Jonas, and "Final Song" by MØ), “move!” is the focus track from her upcoming “wanna take this downtown?” EP, slated for a May 17, 2019 release.