Golden Hour

  • 流派:COUNTRY乡村
  • 语种:英语
  • 发行时间:2018-03-30
  • 类型:录音室专辑


★葛莱美奖肯定之中生代乡村天后,2018全新专辑登场 ★空降告示牌乡村榜冠军、主流榜No.4,以及英国乡村榜冠军、主流专辑榜No. 6席次 ★滚石杂志、时代杂志4星、Pitchfork 8.7,英国独立报、卫报满分高评推荐 乡村音乐长年以来都美国传统音乐最重要的一环,除了许多招牌老艺人之外,中生代与新生代的乡村艺人更是持续传递火炬;而Kacey Musgraves正是中生代中备受瞩目的天后级人物。 本名Kacey Lee Musgraves的Kacey Musgraves,虽然只有29岁,但却已获得了2座葛莱美奖、3座CMA乡村音乐大奖,以及1座ACM音乐大奖,而她的专辑【Same Trailer Different Park命运大不同】与【Pageant Material音乐盛典】,接连摘下了告示牌乡村榜的冠军,并且荣获各方音乐媒体的高度盛赞,甚至有乐评人称赞「Kacey Musgraves的出现,替纳许维尔乡村音乐注入了真正的新血」;睽违了3年,Kacey Musgraves带来她独特的乡村音乐作品【Golden Hour闪耀时刻】,并且第三度空降告示牌乡村榜冠军,同时登记主流榜No.4,而权威性的滚石杂志与时代杂志,也对这张新作献上了4星的高评推荐,英国独立报与卫报更是给出了满分5颗星的完美评鉴。 【Golden Hour】一共收录了13首Kacey Musgraves的全新创作;内敛又带点忧伤的"Lonely Weekend",展现出Kacey Musgraves突破以往的成长,并且深入钻研音乐的各种可能性;甜美俏皮的"Butterflies",是这张专辑中的一大亮点,丰富多层次的吉他编曲,建构出了Kacey Musgraves独特的乡村音乐风格,也形塑出当代乡村音乐的新格局;而"Mother"、"Happy & Sad"、"Wonder Woman"以及"Rainbow"等歌曲,也可以让人感受到Kacey Musgraves开始在音乐中融入不同的新元素。2018年最值得期待的乡村专辑,就是Kacey Musgraves的【Golden Hour】。 -------------------------------------------------------- “其实当下就是见证和欣赏美丽的时刻。” ”现在对于社会来说,这是一个很丑陋的时代,我们很容易把重点放在这一点上,但我们可以做的有很多,让生活多一点爱、积极和漂亮的颜色。” “在这张专辑中,有孤独的女孩,幸福的女孩,新的妻子,想念妈妈的女孩,生气的女孩,讽刺的女孩,60年代闪亮的Cruella de Vil,害羞的女孩,派对的生活,赢家,失败者……他们都是这张专辑中的角色。他们中没有一个人是我,但是当这些黄金时刻聚集在一起,你将看到这一个整体就是我。“ “我以前从来没有写过一首情歌,而且真正能从心底感受到它。 但是我要结婚了,并在我个人生活的这个黄金时刻,感觉所有关于爱的这些事情终于成真。我发现自己的灵感来自我这个人,以及他在我身上带来的所有这些以前没有的东西。“ 专辑收录热门歌曲「Space Cowboy」、动感单曲 「High Horse」、心动恋歌 「Butterflies」等总共13首歌!描写当下人生中最值得纪念的黄金时刻,记录自己的恋爱心境和成长感受。 Kacey Musgraves is releasing her fourth album, Golden Hour, marking her first non-Christmas release since 2015's Pageant Material, and it's a turn in a different direction for the celebrated singer-songwriter. Musgraves has said that the new album represents a shift in perspective, and she's already let fans hear some of the songs in concert, revealing perhaps the most mature work she's yet undertaken. She credits her marriage with that new sense of direction. Read on for all of the information we know about Golden Hour, including the songs, the producers, the release date and more. The Title Musgraves' fourth album is titled Golden Hour, and she tells Entertainment Weekly that the title, like much of her new music, was inspired by her relationship with husband Ruston Kelly. She came up with the title while viewing the solar eclipse. "It felt like this majestic time where God was saying, ‘This is a moment to be present for, to witness and relish in the beauty of this incredible world,'" she says. "That was important for me to include on this record. It’s such an ugly time right now with society and politics, and it could be easy to focus on that. But one thing we could use is a little more love and positivity and pretty colors." The Cover The cover of Golden Hour shows Musgraves in front of a bright blue backdrop, covering part of her face coyly with a decorative fan.