• 语种:英语
  • 发行时间:2019-05-30
  • 唱片公司:北京唐羽文化有限公司
  • 类型:Single


“她比我好吗?她有让你开心吗?” 这首歌和我其他的创作一样,也是我自己的故事。 最悲伤的记忆,化茧成美丽的歌曲。 因为痛和乐,痛和美,相扶相依,不可分离。 我相信你也体会过心被撕碎的感觉。 无助,无力,无奈,因为把整颗心交给了某个人。 于是也交给了ta深深伤害你的权利。 从此小心翼翼的保护这颗缝缝补补起来的心。 黑夜,前任,时间,一把吉他。 是这首歌诞生时的分子。 感谢我的共同制作人Piah,将他独特优美的音乐情怀注入到这首歌的成品中。 但愿悲伤被时间治愈,让步给希望和爱。 爱你们, 陈嬛 Erika Chen “Is she good, has she made you happy?” Like all my other compositions, this song also tells my own story. The saddest memory, reborn into a beautiful melody. Because pain and joy, pain and beauty, comes hand in hand, inseparable. I know you must have had that feeling of having your heart torn into pieces too. Helpless, strengthless, hopeless, all because you gave your heart to someone. And thus gave that someone the chance to hurt you the worst. From then onwards you tread lightly with that sewn-up broken heart. Dark nights, ex-lover, time, and a guitar. Those were the atoms that gave birth to this song. Many thanks to my amazing co-producer Piah for his uniquely elegant contribution to the final product of this song. May time heal trouble and give way to hope & love. Lots of love, Erika Chen