Like Rain Through My Hands

  • 流派:NEW AGE新世纪
  • 语种:英语
  • 发行时间:2004-01-01
  • 类型:录音室专辑


Like Rain Through My Hands" is Emmy-award winning composer and recording artist Michael Whalen's first new ambient project in 7 years and his first non-soundtrack CD for Alchemy Records. "Like Rain Through My Hands" is both a revisiting of the musical landscape of "Nightscenes" and a bold move in another direction toward a more minimal and spacial sonic approach. Whalen continues, "I think a hallmark of all my music is my love of melody and form. Some would say that these things would be an anathema in ambient music but I would disagree. Brian Eno's music is so full of beautiful form or Harold Budd or Mark Isham's work on "Vapor Drawings". These artists continue to influence my solo and soundtrack work. I think it comes down to control. Ambient music cannot sound like it is being controlled - - it needs to feel organic and patient. There can be no sense of a overlay or an expectation in the music - - it ruins the vibe. However, it needs to change and move you along - - like a journey. I like music to take me somewhere. This new recording is about moving from one place to another inside yourself." "like rain through my hands marks Michael Whalen's arrival back on a scene that sorely missed him (from my perspective, at least). Hearing his unique brand of musical magic once again is like, well, the same refreshing feeling I get after rain has cleansed the air and the earth, or the high I get from an impending thunderstorm looming on the horizon, or the lonely yet comforting warmth I feel on a drizzly gray afternoon as I sit and reflect. Surely one of the more evocative recordings of recent note, this album earns my highest recommendation as well as a shout out to Michael Whalen "Welcome Back!""- Bill Binkelman, Wind and Wire