One Year Deep Circus Compilation

  • 流派:ELECTRONIC电子音乐
  • 语种:英语
  • 发行时间:2011-12-07
  • 类型:录音室专辑


The young Label Deep Circus from Berlin is celebrating its one year birthday. For this special occasion it arranged a small, but smooth compilation for the anniversary which won't leave any musical need of you unsatisfied. DJ Feedback: Stephan Bodzin great compilation! will def playout a few of them. amekay my fav so far. Dj T. Comments: thank you for good music! Marco Carola Comments: Aemkay – Punisher, nice Track D-Nox Comments: many good tracks in here. download! i like the benny grauer track a lot. Butch Comments: Maldito Calor, dope thx Florian Meindl Comments: I like the track from sweetncandy and the one from kunkel & 212fahrenheit! Ingo Boss Comments: nice tracks – thanks Hermanez Comments: Maldito Calor will play out, tnx! Paco Osuna Comments: downloaded, thank you Someone Else Comments: Maldito Calor is nice Nihil Young Comments: all of these tunes are quality, my favz are Maldito Calor, Punisher and Angelfish Markus Meinhardt Comments: nice ep... Martin Eyerer Comments: liking the metro cz track..nice athmo Ekkohaus Comments: Nice deep techno with an edge and a solid groove...thanx...Ekko Benno Blome Comments: super tracks! Benna (harry klein) Comments: i will try track 1,2,3 and 6! thnx Sven Schäfer (raveline) Comments: The beat is great! Hollen Comments: Punisher, great work Fred Siera Comments: Oldrich & Benny rock the place !! Happy B-day Deep Circus, will support. Oliver Schories Comments: Safari, Solid made clubtune!!! David Philipps Comments: thx guys. great release. like this label. best david Danjel Esperanza Comments: Sweet N Candy's "Black City Yard" and Benny Grauer's "Angelfish" i really like! Cool Stuff!!!! YESS ;-) thx Xenia Beliayeva Comments: Cool! Manchmal ist euer Label echt sehr unterschätzt. Da hört man ein paar Promos, die mir persönlich zu "housy" sind und dann ist wieder so ne Überraschung, wie jetzt, wo ich drei Stücke mag! Liebsten Gruss X Dr Motte Comments: dr. motte says, vinyl rocks! keep the vibe going, keep on, keep on. full support on! Marquez III Comments: Good compilation. Thank you! Philipp Straub Comments: Oldric's tune is my favorite! Would like to play it out;) Oscar Aguilera & Soul of Life Comments: Full support with this!! Merlyn Martin Comments: I Really like the Patrick Kunkel & 212fahrenheit – Maldito Calor... Solid! Radio: Markus Schulz ( comments: will test Tunnel FM (Sweden) Comments: Thanks a lot for this, really huge tracks in there. Will check out and play some of this on Tunnel FM shows ;) Adam K Comments: great pack and good luck.