On Me (Prod. Kang Yujeong)(Chinese Version)

  • 流派:POP流行
  • 语种:国语
  • 发行时间:2019-03-19
  • 唱片公司:索尼音乐
  • 类型:Single




E.viewz - Sensual next-gen R&B vocalist from Korea E.viewz: 韩国次世代性感R&B男声 E.viewz is the next-gen R&B vocalist from Korea. He has studied in Shanghai, and is fluent in Mandarin. He is already known in the scene for his melody-writing skills, having worked on NEX7’s track ‘Wait A Minute’ and ‘Heart Full Of You’ as the co-producer and the vocal director. He portrays his emotions through sensual melodies on top of his sweet and crisp voice. E.viewz是来自韩国,有着极具未来感嗓音的R&B歌手。通晓汉语的他曾在上海学习过。E.viewz曾以联合制作人和人声监制的身份参与制作了乐华七子的 “Wait A Minute“ 和 ”Heart Full Of You” 两首实力热单。他的嗓音性感,极具表现力。 E.viewz – On Me (Chinese Ver.) (Prod. Kang Yujeong) E.viewz – On Me (国语) (Prod. Kang Yujeong) E.viewz, the next-gen R&B vocalist from Korea releases ‘On Me’. Having attended high school in Shanghai, E.viewz sings ‘On Me’ in Chinese language to reach out to Chinese-speaking listeners. Kang Yujeong, a 16-year-old beatmaking prodigy, produced the track, setting the perfect mood for the song. E.viewz’s sensual voice with contemporary melodies invite the audiences into the intimate moment. 有着“韩国次世代R&B男声”称号的E.viewz,发布全新单曲“On Me”。曾经在中国上过高中的他,此次为中国歌迷带来用中文全新演绎的”On Me”。16岁的说唱天才Kang Yujeong参与此次制作,为歌曲注入新鲜活力。E.viewz富有磁性的嗓音为歌曲注入灵与肉的和弦。