After the Third Window

  • 流派:JAZZ爵士
  • 语种:英语
  • 发行时间:1980-01-10
  • 唱片公司:Helsdingen Music
  • 类型:EP


LP review by Samual Graham for Record World, Jazz 1980: FUSING: Dutch keyboardist Rene van Helsdingen is looking for U.S. distribution for his album: “After the third window”. Recorded in California and featuring members of a local quintet called Eebo, this album might be called fusion, but it is definitely not fusion for the faint of heart. Musical sources seem to include a little Frank Zappa, a little Weather Report, a little straight jazz and a little avant-garde “classical”or “serious” – a little of a lot of things, actually. Nothing glib or perfunctory about this; a little dry, but it demands your attention. Performing artists: Alcohol: Rene van Helsdingen: Piano, Crumar Polyphonic Synthesizer; Brian Batie: Bass; Rodney Mecks: drums; David Best: Vocals Almost in a hurry: Rene van Helsdingen: Piano; Brian Batie: Bass; Rodney Mecks: drums; Obie Jessie: vocals; Clifford Howard: percussion; Felix Ramos: soprano saxophone War: Rene van Helsdingen: Piano; Mark Wigman: bass; Wouter Büchner: drums; Brian Batie: vocals; Edmond Allmond: piano, vocals; Nicolina Paron: vocals. Why don't you just empty my pocket: Rene van Helsdingen: piano; Brian Batie: bass; Steve Jacobs: drums; John Bolivar: flute, tenor saxophone; Dale Allmond: strings Pain: Rene van Helsdingen: piano; Brian Batie: bass; Rodney Mecks: drums; Essiet Okon Essiet: percussion; Rick Hannah: guitar; Tequila Mockingbird: vocals, Nicolina Paron: vocals; Obie Jessie: vocals. This album was recorded on the 20th of February and on the 15th of May, and during the beginning of August, 1980 in the Media-Art studios on 111 Pier Ave, Hermosa Beach, C.A. 90254, USA. Recording engineers: Spot, David and Ralph. "WAR" was recorded on the 20th of February 1980 in the "Goois-Lyceum", Bussum. Holland by "Studio-Farmsound", Heelsum, Holland; recording engineer: Wil Hesen. Mixing was done in the SoundPush Studios, Blaricum, Holland, by the great Frans Mijts and Jan Schuurman. The mixing of "WAR" was done in the Spitsbergen Studio, Zuidbroek, Holland. Engineers: Maarten de Boer, Jan Willem Ludolph. Special thanks to Pim Gunzel for mixing of "WAR". Photography and cover design: Frederick E. Fisher Jr.. All songs composed by Rene van Helsdingen. Lyrics of "WAR" by Edmond Allmond. Lyrics of "ALMOST IN A HURRY" by Obie Jessie. Producer: Job Zomer, Munich Records, Bennekom, Holland Lyrics: PAIN OPEN YOU WINDOW pssssst open your window I have something to tell you it is important it is important for you let me jump into your mind see the face you try to find open it up, open it up let my music go in you don't want to get married turn to your soul you are not afraid when the finger is on top of your nose it is coming it passes the time the understanding of the flesh is gone flesh must die it steals and it doesn't know the hospital write until your first ink spot you are not alone don't smell contact oh oh oh oh I missed your two eyes the disappearance makes me scared it is your call when the finger is on top of your nose drink on your escape not not not don't don't don't it is a party the machine and love itches hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi little rose is dead extatic stigmatic people who you like well they die a bird wants a flying kid friendship makes liars and not only for loneliness don't let anybody wait and don't make those children use your brains and don't let your friend steal nobody will stop your love - your are asking to much keep up with death it is dark in here and pain rests somewhere else there is light don't you feel the tension if you had no weapons language would be rich your hand will talk let your hand rest on a warmer body eyes lift my chin isn't the sun great again latin beauty forgets the day it is coming your are not afraid, flesh must die passes the time january oh january crazy world help me for the future where shall I take you we are trippin' my friend don't cut my nose my friend who understands my friend don't lie to me my friend don't lie to me my friend Pain, pain, Pain, pain. ah, belongs to death saves my smallest heart breakes my biggest dream ah ah ah ah. green is very warm don't leave me alone yellow purple love people out of mind blue is every child hurting me and pain ah, belongs to death red and white and black pain Lyrics: WAR Now close your eyes and pull until it's gone down in the mud no air, you're gonna die she isn't here to help to turn you on now close your eyes and pull until it's gone Call me, don't be afraid to just call me, it might be too late but ....... I'm trying to dream, the impossible dream, Standing in front of me, my unbeatable A I don't want me to die! I never did so. I don't wanna see da bloody mess I made today. No pleez don't wanna be the man I read in history books, yellin' at the chief: pleez mister Custer I don't wanna go there. Pleez sir why you gotta make me leave my pretty baby overseas oh oh going on the run while I'm at service for you, diggin' in the mud and chewin' all the worms that are near while I cry --- cuz I feel the butcher's eyes upon me liner notes: Many musicians claim the ability to make you feel emotions you never new you had. Only a very select few have the courage to cut caverns in your heart, sooth your psyche, or manipulate your mind toward mangling pain, slipping inexplicably into an insatiable quietude. Rene van Helsdingen is one of these capable few. Born in Jakarta Indonesia, Rene moved back to Holland with his parents at the age of one year. The bulk of his musical mastery was received in his homeland. Rene came to the United States for the first time in January 1979, to expose his expertise to vast Americanization. His goal, from the understanding he had of arts in the USA was to move through New York and the world, and experience after that an even longer stay in Los Angeles. Though the big apple and the big orange have strongly influenced his musical soul, Rene has been influenced by his stops in other parts of the USA as well as the world. This is quite evident on his previous works: Helsdingen/ One minute Willie, and preceding that Helsdingen And, like a playful child all of Rene's albums, this one included, reflect genuine care and love towards his friends, as well as intense interpersonal emotion, compassion and even a bit of mischief. We all should take time to listen and understand this album. August 2, 1980 Edmond M. Allmond.