Impressions of Indonesia

  • 流派:JAZZ爵士
  • 语种:英语
  • 发行时间:1986-01-08
  • 唱片公司:Helsdingen Music
  • 类型:EP


Luluk, Fiddler of Hearts. Jazz on the violin? Fiddlesticks! Not so – Luluk Purwanto coaxes delightful sounds from her electric violin and receives standing ovations. Luluk is one lady who caress jazzy sounds from her Kermit green electric violin and is considered, by fellow professionals, to be the top in her field. Her polished performances are met with appeals for encores. On stage, the attractive Luluk bounces about, arm a-blur as she produces some of the most intricate solos on her violin. Off stage, she’s a bashful girl, has spiky hair which is never combed and likes to relax. Drummer Rodney Mecks is from Detroit, Michigan. He comes from a very musical family and is a powerful drummer. Together with bassist Brian Batie they are a very strong rhythm section. In addition to his experiences in the groups of Willie Bobo, Al Green, Jimmy Smith and Motown records, he played a lot with Rene van Helsdingen, including the longplay records: One minute willie; After the third window, The Smirnoff quintet, Impressions of China and Helsdingen Jazz. The production of this album was financed by the sales of advertising space on the cover. cover info: Rene van Helsdingen: Piano, Luluk Purwanto: vocals, violin, Rodney Mecks: drums, Brian Batie: bass, Innissri: Kendang, vocals: Rudra Setyabudi Recorded at the Gin Studio Jakarta, Indonesia. Engineers: Dannes Item, Rudra Setyabudi. Mixed at the Spitdbergen Studio Zuidbroek, The Netherlands. Engineer: Theo Balijon. Recording date: March 1986 Side A 1) Walang Kèkèk (5.07) (traditional Javanese song about krickets) 2) Eslilin (5.50) (traditional Sundanese song-West Java) 3) Ilir Ilir (5.18) (a Javanese song which was created and used by Sunan Kalijaga to preach spread religion in Java) 4) Selayang Pandang (3.05) (Musik Melayu) All songs arranged by Rene van Helsdingen and Luluk Purwanto except for Eslilin and Walang Kèkèk, which are arranged by Brian Batie and Rene van Helsdingen. Side B 1) Love (9.07) (R. van Helsdingen) 2) Luluk (8.34) (R. van Helsdingen) © Helsdingen Music - Relukreul records RL1*U000 This Album couldn't have been produced without the help of very special people: Mrs and Mr. Julian Purwanto, Aditya Kristianto, Peter Gontha, Mr. Ten Have.