Open It Up

  • 流派:RAP/HIP HOP嘻哈说唱
  • 语种:国语
  • 发行时间:2019-01-15
  • 唱片公司:StreetVoice/88rising
  • 类型:Single




随全新单曲《Open It Up》的发行,Higher Brothers 公布了第二张专辑《Five Stars》将于2月22日上线的消息。 “Five Stars”,“五星”,代表着中国,也代表着高品质。中国文化正在制造着越来越广的国际影响力的,Higher Brothers 作为中国本土hip-hop团体,已成功打入美国主流音乐市场。与首张专辑时隔20月,《Five Stars》蓄势待发,为中国hip-hop音乐历史再添加一张五星品质佳作。 作为专辑第二首被曝光的歌曲,《Open It Up》灵感来自2018年Rolling Loud Bay Area音乐节观众mosh pit时高声呼喊的口号。Higher Brothers 将这句狂欢口号融入经典的boom-bap风格伴奏,向hip-hop音乐发展史致敬。《Open It Up》由LUCA制作,MV拍摄于旧金山的唐人街,由mamesjao导演。歌曲保持了boom-bap风格的经典感,MV用复古黑白画质记录了一场中式的欢庆场景,Higher Brothers 加入庆祝游行的队列中,与舞狮者、选美小姐、男女老少的街坊一起狂欢。像这些海外华人一样,在吸纳西方文化的同时,Higher Brothers将中华文化与其融会贯通,并将中西文化碰撞出的巨大影响力带到了世界前沿。 Higher Brothers —the first Chinese rappers to break into the American mainstream— are releasing their sophomore album, ​Five Stars​, on February 22, 2019. Poised to be the biggest Chinese hip-hop album in history, ​Five Stars (like the Higher Brothers themselves) represents China, top-quality and global-internet culture. Today, Higher Brothers also release their newest single and video, “Open It Up.” Produced by LUCA, “Open It Up” is inspired by the popular mosh pit phrase that they first discovered during Rolling Loud Bay Area last year. Higher Brothers’ flip of the chant and use of a classic boom-bap beat is a nod to hip-hop history and harkens the globalization of the genre. Shot in San Francisco’s Chinatown, where the group took over the block with a celebratory parade complete with lion dancers, the “Open It Up” video exemplifies Higher Brothers ability to incorporate western influences into their music while keeping their own culture and influences at the forefront. It's also a mamesjao-directed video. ​