Green Man

  • 流派:POP流行
  • 语种:瑞典语
  • 发行时间:2016-09-02
  • 唱片公司:Kdigital Media, Ltd.
  • 类型:录音室专辑


Swedish jazz-funk-soul sensation Beat Funktion's sixth offering "Green Man" may well be termed their first 'vocal' album. The ten new Daniel Lantz-penned groove numbers treat us to Beat Funktion's trademark melodic, pulsating disco-jazz loved by fans worldwide, but now, with the added depth of vocals, featuring a line-up of no less than eight vocal guest artists from different styles, generations and nationalities, this smorgasbord of Scandinavian dance-funk should open the ears of quite a few new fans as well. The vocal events on the album are breath-taking: Russian-Swedish jazz star Viktoria Tolstoy, American jazz-phenomenon Alicia Olatuja, Swedish soul-hiphop queen Adée, legendary Swedish blues-jazz singer Claes Janson, American Grammy-winning producer and R&B-rapper Damon Elliott's duet with Swedish/Iranian pop-soul diva Jasmine Kara, Swedish Idol-famed neo-soul songstress Matilda Gratte, multi-talented Mozambique jazz-world-fusion vocalist Deodato Siquir, a string orchestra plus incendiary afro-soul-gospel choir AFRO featured on two tracks, are all incredible highlights of this high-paced and intense musical feast. Three well-crafted instrumentals round out the programme to remind audiences of Beat Funktion's acclaim as a successful instrumental ensemble. Carefully recorded and mixed to consistently attain that warm, vintage 70s retro-sound and gloriously mastered to sonic perfection by sound guru Tobias Carlsson, it is fair to say that "Green Man" is a revelation to the ears. Turn up the volume and hit the dance floor! Karl Olandersson, trumpet Olle Thunström, tenor sax Johan Öijen, electric guitar Daniel Lantz, keyboards Pal Johnson, electric bass Jon Eriksson, drums Featuring: Viktoria Tolstoy, vocals (#2) Alicia Olatuja, vocals (#3) Adée, vocals/rap (#5) Claes Janson, vocals (#6) Damon Elliott, rap (#7) Jasmine Kara, vocals (#7) Matilda Gratte, vocals (#9) Deodato Siquir, vocals (#10) ​ AFRO, vocals (#2, #10) Arvid Callin Nerdal, Ida Maipambe, Peter Ekengren, Andrea Callin Nerdal, Hannah Myrberg, Lena Cederholm Guest performers: Ola Bothzén, percussion Folke Lantz, percussion Lina Söderholtz Florén, violin (#2, #5-6, #9) Åsa Harald, violin (#2, #5-6, #9) Tomas Ebrelius, viola (#2, #5-6, #9) Emeli Jeremias, violoncello (#2, #5-6, #9) Recorded in January-May of 2016 by Göran Stegborn, Ludvig Larsson, Jeff Lucero, Matt Peiffer, Dave Darlington, Mats Björke and Daniel Lantz. Mixed by Daniel Lantz and mastered by Tobias Carlsson. Produced by Daniel Lantz and Mats Björke. Official release date: Sep 2 2016. Tracks: 1. Steampunch 2. Tomorrow (feat. Viktoria Tolstoy & AFRO) * 3. In Love In Vain (feat. Alicia Olatuja) 4. Jack The Ripper 5. Paper Girl (feat. Adée) 6. Rewind (feat. Claes Janson) 7. Over The Ocean (feat. Damon Elliott & Jasmine Kara) 8. Lorelei 9. We Are Young (feat. Matilda Gratte) * 10. Green Man (feat. Deodato Siquir & AFRO) * ​ * physical album features extended version Total time: 77 mins. approx.