Beethoven: Symphonie No. 7

  • 语种:其他
  • 发行时间:2006-02-28
  • 类型:EP


Carlos Kleiber专辑介绍:卡洛斯-克莱伯指挥巴伐利亚州立乐团录制的现场版贝多芬第七交响曲。克莱伯指挥过至少三次第七交响曲,分别由维也纳爱乐,荷兰皇家大会堂乐团和巴伐利亚州立乐团演出。(最后一次是在他的私人音乐会上,未出版CD,无法确定。)每次都会给听众带来不同的感受。这张第七交响曲由于突出的弦乐部分,速度比其他几次要快,因此也被听众叫做圆舞曲版第七交响曲。 Bavarian State Orchestra/ Carlos Kleiber Live Recording 3 May 1982 One of the most exciting, yet eccentric, conductors of the last 50 years, Carlos Kleiber, who died in 2004 aged 74, led performances of symphonic music and opera that will never be forgotten by those who heard them. Primarily a recluse, he could only be persuaded into the public arena, at least during the last 20 years, by the combination of a momentous event, long rehearsal times and a huge fee. He took 34 rehearsals for his first performance of Berg's Wozzeck in Munich, and 17 for a Covent Garden La Bohème. Herbert von Karajan once commented: "He only conducts when the fridge is empty." At the height of his fame, Carlos Kleiber could work with any orchestra and in any opera house he wanted under whatever conditions he chose, with a limitless number of rehearsals. And yet he made increasingly infrequent use of the lavish offers that he received. If he was particularly keen to conduct, as he was in Ljubljana, he would do so for nothing. While other conductors set up entire media empires and were at their happiest when simultaneously holding the post of principal conductor in three different places, Kleiber became increasingly obsessed by the uniqueness of the musical event. His fanaticism in the rehearsal room was notorious. He demanded from himself and from others a degree of dedication that went beyond what was possible. Unforgettable performances rewarded this effort. The white-hot intensity and spontaneity of his conducting led not just to benchmark performances but often left the impression that the works he conducted were being created at the moment of their performance.