• 流派:ROCK摇滚
  • 语种:英语
  • 发行时间:2019-04-04
  • 类型:录音室专辑


首张专辑《REEFS 珊瑚礁》与群岛进行了一场耗时两年的长跑,在这段时间,团员们各自找寻着自我的方向,又再互相碰撞重新诠释彼此,就像细胞的分裂与重生,分离再聚集于这片汪洋。 「Hold we tight...and we will be okay.」 专辑创作的概念从电影意象到诗词文字、直述生命到反思社会,没入暗礁之中寻找一丝微弱却强韧的光线。在编曲上更加琢磨于节奏的变化与重组,利用乐句的设计配合着词句的起伏,为使细节完整,添加了新的器乐与灵魂,五人之间巧妙的各取所需、互相占领,最后相辅相成。此次群岛更邀请了来自台湾经典后摇滚乐团甜梅号(后更名为微光群岛)与法兰黛的鼓手-吴孟谚担任专辑制作人,除了拓展编曲的视野,也让群岛的节奏更加丰富与细腻。 《REEFS 珊瑚礁》既是自我对话又是探索社会,但同时保有一点稚气,我们就像小丑鱼,求生于海中之岛-珊瑚礁。 ARCPLG jogged two years with their first album 'REEFS'. During the time, they're looking for their own purposes, collided and reinterpreted each other. It just like the division and rebirth of the cell, fall apart and got back together in the ocean. “Hold we tight...and we will be okay.” The concept of 'REEFS' inspired from the imagery of films to the words of poetry, from the declaration of life to the introspection of society, and sinking into the reef to find a slightly but strong light. In the composition, ARCPLG honing the variety and restructuring more, and design the phrase to match the ups and downs of lyrics. They also add a new instrument, new soul to make the details of creations more complete. Five of them took what they need and occupied, then complementary to each other . This time they also invited John Wu, the drummer of Shimmering Islands and Frandé from Taiwan, to be the producer to expand horizo​​ns of arranging and make the rhythm more abundant and fine. 'REEFS' is a self-dialogue and an explore from society , but keep some childish at the same time. We're just like the clownfish, survive on the island, in the ocean, reefs.