Life (EP)

  • 流派:ROCK摇滚
  • 语种:英语
  • 发行时间:2006-01-01
  • 唱片公司:Nightfeast Music
  • 类型:录音室专辑


Founded in 1996 by Kevyn Douglas Hay, Written In Ashes is a rock/gothic/darkwave band from Portland, Oregon. Their distinctive blend of drums, guitar, bass, synthesizers and complex orchestration has consistently impressed audiences. Their live show incorporates complex arrangements, intricately edited video projections and an energetic performance that is unlike that of any other band in the genre. Crossing many boundaries, they appeal to many audiences and never fail to impress even the staunchest of critics. Their self-released debut album "Eternal" was released in 1997 and hailed as "...the new sound of Gothic." In 1999, the band released "Eclipse" followed by "Epiphany" in 2000. Their self-titled album "Written In Ashes" was released in 2004 on Latex Records. They have appeared on many compilations including Cleopatra Records' "Unquiet Grave, Volume I," Ankhor Records' Alice Cooper tribute "Mutations" and Livid Look Glass' "Compilation, No. 1." The band has had the pleasure of sharing the stage with many excellent acts including The Crüxshadows, Faith and the Muse, Kommunity FK, 45 Grave, Black Tape For A Blue Girl, Poison Idea, Genitorturers , Floater, Voltaire, Collide, Belle Morte, Switchblade Symphony, Ego Likeness, The Last Dance, Element, Seraphim Shock, Gitane Demone, Audra, Black Atmosphere, and The Impotent Sea Snakes. Released in the fall of 2006 their newest single "Life" from the "Life" EP features radio and club friendly mixes which puts them firmly on the path to commercial success. Kevyn is joined by stage and studio veterans Damon Law (theStark and resident composer of NYC's Nicu's Spoon Theater), Christopher Hyde (Grindstone) and T.J. Hamilton (Dead Stars on Hollywood and The Gentry).