Raul Di Blasio

Raul Di Blasio

中文名:Raul Di Blasio 国籍:阿根廷 生日:1949-11-14 简介:拉丁钢琴家Raúl Di Blasio从外表上来看是一个典型的南美人,他有着墨西哥式的小胡子,诙谐的眉毛,乍一看和爱因斯坦倒有几分相似。1949年他出生在阿根廷的一个名叫Zapala的小镇上,他的父亲是个小农场主,他从6岁起就开始接受音乐教育。起初他接触的是拉丁音乐,诸如tango和bossa nova,同时也深受欧洲古典作曲家如贝多芬和拉赫马尼诺夫的影响。然而到了少年时代,Di Blasio开始对beatles也就是甲壳虫乐队着迷,并且迅速组建了属于自己的一支摇滚乐队-- Los Diabólicos。这支乐队在其国内取得了一些成绩并且直到1973年才解散。然后他回归了古典音乐,并在70年代的中期游历了南美洲。1978年,Di Blasio在智利的一个城市Chilean的一家旅馆里开始其5年的音乐蛰居生活。在这段生活的末期,他集中所有的才思致力于音乐创作。1983年由EMI百代公司发行其处女作单曲唱片。获得了巨大的成功,媒体称赞其为“人民的钢琴家”。1987年他移居到美国迈阿密,并且在3年后在BMG公司发行专辑《érica》,它在1994年的销量突破100万张,为了举办1997年的个人演奏会,Di Blasio在远东地区进行了巡回演出,1999年末他发行了一张圣诞专辑。拉丁钢琴家Raul Di Blasio从小就是一个音乐神童,他在个人乐章上的极富古典韵味的表达和技巧使其从阿根廷的农场生活中脱颖而出,最终登上了洛山机国际剧院的舞台,并参加了全球巡演。 Life:Born in Zapala, Argentina,[1] Raúl Di Blasio showed a great interest in piano at the age of six. After his parents' recommendations that he should study music, he began to pursue piano as a career. Di Blasio practiced piano alongside his teachers for more than four years. Having difficulty in purchasing a piano, he also relied on readily available sources of music such as whistling with his father, which helped develop the sort of melodies he employs in his work. One of his teachers was the renowned Argentinian composer and Pianist Bebu Silvetti from whom Di Blasio drew great inspiration. In fact, a lot of Di Blasio's musical pieces were composed by Bebu Silvetti; one of which was called "Piano" which was considered as the first step into his musical career. This was the beginning of Di Blasio's career in music. He had early formation in the Classic Technique, but he equally enjoys popular music. He admits that when he was 17 years old he was part of the rock movement with phenomena such as The Beatles. However, his parents asked him to pursue university studies and have a degree-based career in his life. The next step for him was to leave his hometown and go to Buenos Aires, where at age 20, he began practicing music 12 hours straight per day. He comments: "I felt the wings on my fingers".[citation needed] Di Blasio is someone who thrives on constant change in his life. He moved to Chile in 1978,[1] where he began playing traditional music, Rock, and Classic Notes. He composed his own melodies and worked as a pianist in a bar, confessing he "scraped by to survive...", but that he was still happy doing so.[citation needed] In 1983 he released his first album on EMI Chile.[1] Then, a producer from the record company BCS-S in Chile contracted with Di Blasio and his second album was born. This album included Latin American music. Duets:Di Blasio has made a historical duet in Santo Domingo with the international renowned French pianist Richard Clayderman. Di Blasio made duets with Alejandro Fernández, Marco Antonio Solís, José José, Armando Manzanero, Marco Antonio Muñiz, Yolandita Monge, Julio Iglesias, Rocío Dúrcal, Juan Gabriel, Michael Bolton, Los Tri-o, José Luis Rodríguez "El Puma", Cristian Castro, Vargas de Tecalitlán, José Feliciano, El Consorcio, London Symphony Orchestra, Fernando De La Mora, Wendy Pedersen, and more.