Mark Bennett

Mark Bennett

中文名:马克班纳特 外文名:Mark Bennett 国籍:欧美 出生地:爱尔兰都柏林 生日:1972 简介:A singer/songwriter whose music recalls Dave Matthews and Darius Rucker, Mark Bennett was born in Ireland in 1972, but has enjoyed his greatest success in Europe. Bennett had been writing and singing songs for several years when he decided to spend a year in Germany in 1994. Bennett liked Germany enough to settle in Dortmund, and he began performing professionally in 1995. In time, Bennett assembled a band for his live shows, which featured Martin Bauer on bass, Gunter Kramer on guitar, and Volker "Flocki" Unseld on drums; additional musicians Marc Decker (pipes and whistles), Michael Poelchau (fiddle), and Ruth Bennett (vocals and percussion) often join Bennett's tours as guests. Bennett's recordings include Kiel Hauled, a collection of Irish folk tunes; a live album, The Difference; and Sitting with the Castaways, a set of original studio recordings. 从艺历程:Mark Bennett于1972年出生于爱尔兰都柏林。自1994年以来,他一直住在德国,并于1995年开始他的职业音乐生涯。从那时起,可爱的爱尔兰人自己就像古典民谣,流行乐和摇滚乐一样,在舞台上焕发出新的生命。马克在大多数声学音乐会上激动了他的观众。因此,他回顾了4000多场音乐会,他通常在那里演唱爱情,乡愁和非常严肃的问题。


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