Event Horizon

Event Horizon

简介:My name is Shane Matthew and I am a producer/composer of Electronic Dance Music (Dubstep, Chillout, Ambient Instrumentals and Hip-Hop Beats).   I am located in the greater Seattle area of Washington State and have always been deeply rooted in a variety of dance music. After receiving my very first CD of European inspired Techno (Eiffel 65) at age 9, I was instantly hooked. Later in my life (around 13) I developed a strong passion for all musical art forms and began avidly playing guitar and singing my own compositions.   Being the son of a lifelong musician brought my family and I to a vast variety of places all throughout the country, which continued to broaden my perspective on music.   Today, I can firmly say that producing my own original compositions is my life's passion. I continue to work my own way through college as a full time student at the University of Washington, but music remains the "epicenter" of my existence...   A day will not go by, that I don't think, breathe and live my music. My lifelong goal will forever remain to create beautiful art that others can appreciate. More than anything, I seek for others to enjoy what I enjoy... What I CHERISH.   Thank you everyone for your individual support, and step by step, making my dream become a reality.