简介:Honorebel简介 牙买加流行歌手Honorebel 详情介绍 “What is a rebel but a man who is able to say yes to the impossible and no to the ordinary?” –AnonymousIt’s apparent that in today’s Mainstream Music Industry, pundits of all shapes and sizes like to put an artist in a box. With all this labeling and defining the musician’s music, it’s often an industry breakthrough when one finds an artist that’s impossible to categorize. In walks HonoRebel, a name so fitting for someone who enjoys rebelling against the status quo.Born Richard Bailey in the ghettos of Kingston, Jamaica, Honorebel is the youngest of six children who were raised by a single mother. He remembers his childhood as being a rough uphill struggle, often riddled with street violence and poverty. Amongst all the negative events that surrounded his early life, it was by fate that Honorebel was heavily exposed to music. In Honorebel’s own words, “I didn’t find music, music found me.”As his career began to progress, Honorebel, explains that the Honor comes from his humbleness, while the Rebel is his Fighting Warrior Spirit. It was inevitable that Honorebel’s music quickly morphed. His song “Now You See” ft Pitbull was release in 2009, has over 45 million views on youtube and went #1 in 24 different country worldwide and #22 on Billboard Dance Charts.In Honorebel's own words:"Education without morals, music without the message of love, true friends without loyalty is like a ship without a compass, sailing aimlessly at sea".