Small Talk

Small Talk

简介:来自美国波士顿的摇滚乐团 Small Talk is a Boston-based rock quartet whose music boasts the ups and downs of a teenage vocalist, well ahead of his time. The 2010 EP, "Nothing to do with Love," (produced by Blake Healey, formerly of Metro Station) hits home with any listener, from tales of heartbreak, to karma. In the Fall of 2009, front man Jimmy Welsh decided to perform behind a band name. He recruited Drew Pineider as a drummer, who only had to make the flight from Dallas to Boston once before settling for good. The two were soon joined by longtime friends, Brian Ma and Connor Bissett. The name Small Talk is a clear reflection of Welsh, who won't reveal much until he's got a microphone in hand. There is nothing small about the way he expresses real life experiences, past and present. For now, Small Talk is busy writing and self-producing new music between performances throughout the northeast.