New Ridaz

New Ridaz

小简介: New Ridaz的重组很有戏剧性,前任New Ridaz的成员单飞发展,留下了Zig和Dos。他们的唱片公司Upstairs Records随即找来了同公司的女声Angelina,组成二男一女的新形式。同名新专辑已经推出,就目前听到的几首歌来看,实在很是好听,因此着重推荐。 同样的Hip-Hop组合,相似的换血经历,让人不由得将New Ridaz和黑眼豆豆们联系起来。当然,和黑眼豆豆们的鲜明个性和多元曲风相比,New Ridaz的东西实在流行的可以,虽然没什么营养,却足够讨好耳朵,也不失为一个卖点。另外,Angelina甜美动人的声音也让人感觉非常舒服。 《New Ridaz》是张非常好听且令人惬意的专辑,无论是正宗黑炮们,亦或典型的流行乐迷,都不会对之反感。 The New Ridaz entered the musical stage in 2006 with their self-titled album and single "Special Girl." Members Dos and Zig Zag had been instrumental to the Latin rap scene in the southwestern states of the U.S. as part of the Arizona-based NB Ridaz (changed earlier from the Nastyboy Klick). Along with producer and third member MC Magic, the NB Ridaz enjoyed moderate success brandishing their blend of Latin rap, urban R&B, and hip-hop. Magic's pursuit of a solo career in the mid-2000s left Dos and Zig Zag to explore other options. Their label, Upstairs Records, suggested they team up with its star, dance-pop singer Angelina, who'd scored numerous Latin dance and pop numbers including 1996's "Release Me," and the newly formed trio renamed themselves the New Ridaz. Though their sound was similar to the NB Ridaz's material, Angelina's pop sensibilities and recognition added to their already loyal fan base. The threesome's incorporation of Spanish lyrics into their music did not limit the scope of that audience as their debut peaked in the Top 40 for independently released albums.