Jeff Williams

Jeff Williams

中文名:Jeff Williams 外文名:Jeff Williams 别名:杰夫·威廉姆斯 国籍:美国 出生地:美国 职业:作曲家 作品:《Red Like Roses》《From Shadows 》《Mirror Mirror》等 简介:RvB以及RWBY的主要乐谱都是由Jeff Williams来谱写。他的音乐最初始于RvB第八季(Revelation)的单曲,之后延续至第九、第十季。他的乐曲也经常由以下的艺人演唱:Lamar Hall,他的女儿Casey Lee Williams,以及Sandy Casey。 Jeff Williams composes most of the music scores for Red vs. Blue and RWBY. His music has been featured on Red vs. Blue beginning with singles during Revelation and continuing them in Season 9 on to Season 10. Other artists featured in his songs include: his daughter Casey Lee Williams, Lamar Hall, and Sandy Casey. 从艺历程:Since the seasons started using CGI for action sequences and areas in [Red vs. Blue: Revelation], the official soundtracks for each season have been crafted by Jeff Williams, the former keyboardist of Trocadero, in addition to many of Trocadero's songs being reused. Williams's soundtracks have genres containing mixed elements of score music, hard rock, and sometimes electronic and rap. Williams often features others on vocals including Lamar Hall, Red Rapper, Barbara La Ronga, Nicole D'andrea, Casey Lee Williams, Sandy Lee Casey, and some members of the cast, and collaborates with Steve Goldshein on some tracks. The soundtracks also feature several parody songs, and some songs included are heard in PSAs and Rooster Teeth shorts.


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