Hugh Dillon

Hugh Dillon

简介:Hugh Dillon (born May 31, 1963 in Kingston, Ontario) is a Canadian musician and actor. Biography Music career Dillon was the lead singer for the Kingston hard rock band The Headstones from 1987 until 2003. The Headstones became one of the most commercially successful Canadian bands of the 1990s.[citation needed] After The Headstones broke up in 2003, Dillon formed the band Hugh Dillon Redemption Choir, an indie rock band whose style draws from country, pop, punk and New Wave influences. They released The High Co$t of Low Living in 2005. Their second album, Works Well with Others, is scheduled for release on October 13, 2009. Dillon was the record producer for an album by Canadian rockers The Rubbers, and he has scored and written compositions for various television productions.