简介:出生在英国现在美国洛杉矶的独立流行、民谣女歌手 The British singer-songwriter’s roots lie firmly in the east-end of London - something which is reflected in her frank lyrics and gritty melodies, but as much of the young songstresses time is spent between here and her new sunny home in Los Angeles the music takes on definite nuances from both places. Her impressive 2010 debut album Inside Still Beats, of which the title features in the Honda Accord TV campaign of the same year, is a strong collection of heartfelt mini-musical-stories packed with intrigue, heartbreak and light-relief. Followed up by two subsequent releases, Full Days, Full Nights, Full Heart. and the most recent Put A Ribbon Round It - Ellem has both a prolific an infectious way of reaching into hearts and staying there! Also on her debut album is the beautifully crafted song "Tic-Toc" featured in 2009 indie movie 16-To-Life and even before her full length album release Ellem's music was heard in a string of hit shows including: MTV's The Hills,The City, and CW’s Privileged. After a whistle-stop tour in the UK filming a new music webshow at Conversion Studios, Ellem is now currently in the studio writing and recording her 4th album with longtime co-writer and producer Owen Thomas. Look out for new releases soon