Shine Dion

Shine Dion

歌手名:Shine Dion 外文名:Shine Dion 国籍:挪威 出生地:斯基恩 职业:民谣二重唱 代表作品:《Berkana》 简介:Shine Dión,是在1993年成立的挪威第七大城市Skien的二重唱组合,他们的音乐是挪威和爱尔兰民谣的结合体,在音乐中经常使用小提琴、风笛、萨克斯、曼陀林、三角铁、美乐特朗 、木吉他等乐器。其中Janne Hansen是主唱兼歌词创作,Per Selor是主作曲和吉他弹奏。 English Introduction:<br/>Shine Dión is a Norwegian duo that started out in Skien in 1993. It consists of Janne Hansen: vocals and lyrics and Per Sel&ouml;r: composer and guitars.<br/> The music can be described as a blend between Norwegian and Irish folk tunes, with hints of progressiv. Among the instruments they are using are: violin, flutes, saxophone, mandolin, percussions, mellotron, accoustic/ The lyrics are inspired by mythology, fairy tales and the scenery of Norwegian landscapes.<br/> Shine Dión creates a blend of the ancient and the modern, resulting in a pastoral, fragile and timeless atmosphere. <br/> Shine Dión made their debut in 1994 with a 3-track CD called "Berkana". The CD-title was named after an old vikingrune which symbolizes growth. "Berkana"was released on the Norwegian record company "Colours", as the first of their new folk label records. <br/> A second CD "Killandra" was released in October 1998 by Shine Dións own company "The Holly". Killandra is a full length production with 11 tracks. It is also available on LP.<br/> Shine Dión released their new CD "WYN" in February 2002. If you enjoyed the CD "Berkana" and "Killandra", "WYN" will be a exciting new voyage into the world of Shine Dión. Click here to get more information and download a trailer from the album. Get a foretaste of ALL the tracks!<br/> In April 2005 Shine Dión released a promotion single to the radio stations in Norway. The single consisted of 2 songs. "Secret Lullabye" was made and produced by Shine Dión. <br/> <br/> <br/> 专辑发布情况:<br/>●第一张专辑《Berkana》<br/> <br/> <br/> Shine Dión在1994年完成了他们的首张CD《Berkana》.CD标题以象征成长的老北欧海盗诗歌命名。<br/>Musicians: Janne Hansen, vocals. Per Sel&oslash;r, guitars. J&oslash;rn Andersen, mandolin/mellotron. Mette Rutlin, flutes. Endre Christiansen, keyboards and Mikkel Schille, keyboards.<br/> Recorded at <a h