简介:bconnected was founded in 1994 by swiss guitarist Eugene Montenero and has, throughout the years managed to preserve a strong identity with roots in Jazz and an open mind towards the wide world of music. After 18 years, Bconnected remains a perpetually evolving project. The release of the 7th album “Tabula Rasa” in 2007 confirmed the strong will to move towards new musical horizons, integrating sonorities from North Africa, Asia and beyond… The 7 albums produced within the past 18 years demonstrate a beautiful regularity. During the same time the band has toured in Asia (China, Thailand and South Corea), played concerts in the Czech Republic, Austria and France and at prestigious Festivals and venues such as the Montreux Jazz Festival, Tabarka Jazz Festival, Willisau Jazz, Festival, Dimajazz de Constantine, Jazz Parade Fribourg, Pattaya Music Festival, Shanghai Grand Theater, Shanghai Jazz Week Festival, International Festival of the Arts, Kunming, Dance & Music Festival Bangkok, Hong-Kong International Jazz Festival, JZ Music Festival Shanghai, Beijing Nine Gates Jazz Festival, Backstage Live Jazz Club Hong-Kong and many more… Travelling the world nurtured open-mindedness, creativity and musical freedom and helped refining the band’s artistic qualities. The musical alchemy occuring when the six musicians reunite is palpable throughout the band’s performance. This makes for an unforgettable listening experience !