My Shameful

My Shameful

简介:来自芬兰的金属乐团 成员 Sami Rautio - Vocals, Guitar, Keyboards (Wrathchalice, Cardinals Folly) Mario Hahn - Guitar (Mystic Alliance, Tokkata, The Alliance) Twist - Bass Jürgen Frohling - Drums (Neocosmic, Sources) The idea called My Shameful saw realization in the end of the year 1999. At the time the 'band' consisted of but two persons, Sami Rautio and Harri Jussila who had been playing in some mutual groups for some time. Due to the lack of a) good drummers and b) rehearsal rooms in their area, the duo decided to do their dirges with the help of some machinery. Which of course is somewhat degrading and limiting for the kind of music they were about to unleash. And after a few months of songwriting, they recorded their first demo 'Your Dark Overwhelming' in the now closed Tuonela Studio, in January 2000. At this point the duo was working with a session bass player Janne Marttila who actually did a splendid job. Unfortunately, due to some lack of funds and some laziness, this CD was spread quite narrowly, and thus created quite a little of feedback. Still, it was the first step on the long way... In July 2000, the restless duo recorded yet another demo, 'Sown in Sadness' again in Tuonela Studio. After this demo, there were actually some companies interested in releasing it, but it stayed on the level of talk. This time was also more feedback, some good, some *a-hem* not so positive... Still it was a step necessary, and some experience gained again. In November 2000 this unbelievably restless duo recorded their third one, 'To All I Hated' which was actually released by Nocturnal Music (Italy) in July 2002, only 1,5 years after the recording. And so far the CD has received a good response from the underground as well from some of the companies about. Although a long time in silence, My Shameful was all but inactive. In Fall 2002 they signed a two album deal with Firebox Records and set out to record their first full length album in december 2002. This time Sami had to do all the instrumentation, simply due to some difficulties with him living in Germany now and Harri still in Finland.