简介:Zonderling简介 Zonderling来自荷兰北部,他们开创了自己独特版本的舞蹈音乐。奇怪的声音由一个顽固的二人在音乐冲动下工作,导致两个惊人的版本,他们自己的性格,包括特定的荷兰轨道标题,如“Pruillip”和“ZunnWrand”。怪人?一点也不。这就是Zonderling,他们正是这个世界所需要的。 简介 Zonderling翻译成英语是一种怪癖。所以,根据字典,你可以说:“一个人的行为不同于其他人。”这肯定是Martijn,一个有他自己的头脑的制作人,也是Jaap,一个不畏惧不止一次的音乐风险的DJ。这独特的两人走到一起让所有人眼前一亮。在2011年,“Sonderling”第一次进入大众视线。很多DJ都会用他们的音轨,YouTube在任何时候都会超过三百万个评论。当然,这群观众都只会增加未知制作人Zonderling的名气,谁是这个家伙,我们什么时候能期待他的新音乐呢?答案尚不清楚,因此,正如他们所说,事情变得复杂起来。尤其是当Zonderling迅速消失时,有关这套装备的问题就上升了。直到2014年Zonderling再次Zonderling出现在SPRs上。鉴赏家们变得狂野,只不过是在音乐中出现的颤动和弦或8位声音。这是一种带有神秘、从未听过的情感的家庭音乐大师。2014年12月,DUO跟随“Zonderling”的发布,更多的DJ Gigs跟进,2015的下一个版本已经安排好了。所以这一传奇继续,这对奇怪的组合的故事并没有结束。 英文简介 In a world where genres and rule books aren’t part of the plan, you’ll find the Dutch duo Zonderling, comprised of producer Martijn van Sonderen and DJ Jaap de Vries. Zonderling have created their own version of today's electronic dance music. Freaky sounds by a headstrong duo working on musical impulses, leading to a streak of powerful releases with a character of their own.Their sound could be described as unusual but gratifyingly captivating. Whether it's Don Diablo's edit of ‘Tunnel Vision’, numerous remixes for the likes of Martin Garrix, Zedd and Sam Feldt amongst others, the housy banger collaboration ‘Lee’ with MOGUAI on Oliver Helden’s Heldeep Records, or their recent collaboration with Belgian producer Lost Frequencies on the hit single ‘Crazy’ (over 126 million Spotify plays at time of writing), Zonderling is getting support from every angle. So on the big stage their name shines in bright lights everywhere from Tomorrowland and EDC Orlando to World Club Dome and Sziget. Throw in appearances at venues like Ushuaïa Ibiza, New Gas City in Montreal and Bootshaus in Germany which sees them chalking up some serious club dates during their time, and Zonderling might be rightly punching into the big league in the coming year! 评价 “This Dutch DJ/producer duo is an example of the innovation, brilliance, and creativity that all EDM artists should inspire to” EDM Identity“Zonderling have once again cemented their position as one of the ones to watch in the future house scene” WeRaveYou