Hans-Georg Wimmer

Hans-Georg Wimmer

中文名:汉斯·乔治·温默 外文名:Hans-Georg Wimmer 国籍:德国 职业:歌手 简介:Hans-Georg Wimmer,德国男中音歌手。 从艺历程:The German baritone, Hans-Georg Wimmer, after completing grammar school, went to study singing at the High School of Music in Cologne and the High School of Art in Berlin under Professor Irmgard Hartmann-Dressler. He intensified his singing education by studying under such personalities as Siegfried Lorenz, Nigel Rogers and Max van Egmond under whom he specialized in Baroque singing techniques. Concerts at the Schwetzinger Festival for Ancient Music in Utrecht, the Festival van Vlaanderen, and the International Music Festival Weeks in Lucerne have brought fame to Hans-Georg Wimmer both in Germany and the rest of Europe. He has also given concerts in Argentina and in the USA. For some years now (1993), Hans-Georg Wimmer has enjoyed a close artistic relationship with the Ensemble Musica Antiqua Cologne and its leader, Reinhard Goebel. Hans-Georg Wimmer made his recording debut with the ‘Nachtwächterserenade’ by Heinrich Ignaz Franz Biber on DGG-Archiv. Since then he has made numerous CD and radio recordings.

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