Les Gordon

Les Gordon

简介:French producer Les Gordon, aka Marc Mifune. Les Gordon has been working his way to the top of electronic music step by step. Under his real name, Marc Mifune seizes the incredible opportunity to play at the Trans Musicales festival in 2013 without safety net just before the international artist Stromae. Thanks to his first EP « Saisons », Les Gordon overstepped a first level and signed up with the booking agency Allo Floride. Then follows a fast ascension: Les Gordon opens for Madeon at the Parisian venue Le Trianon and is the support act for famous French band Fauve during their 2015 tour. Last may, Les Gordon released « Les Cheveux Longs ». In a few weeks, this second EP of folk sonorities gathers more than 100 000 plays. With Atlas, Les Gordon reaches a new milestone: freeing the stringed instruments he perfectly masters forming a cascade of guitar notes which directly touches our minds… Electronic music mixes with acoustic, creating ethereal and luminous tracks. In this EP, Les Gordon reveals his influences : upstream we hear a pop air close to Eliott Smith, whereas downstream, some pieces have the lightness of Mura Masa or Debussy. Atlas is a one-way ticket to Les Gordon’s paradise. https://soundcloud.com/lesgordonmusic https://www.facebook.com/lesgordonmusic